Octane Athletics Training Systems Fuel Your Fire Podcast

Episode 54: Burnout & Making Training Fun Again | Randy’s Ironman Dream

February 23, 2016

After too long of a break, Dave and Randy finally reunite for a great show.  The boys discuss putting the fun back into your workouts, mental fatigue associated with training and planning, and Dave dodging a bullet at the greatness that is the Original Pancake House (www.originalpancakehouse.com).  

Randy touches on the Heart Rate Strap issues for big guys, the Wahoo Tickr (http://amzn.to/1mWrPZj) and the Fuel Your Fire Nation https://www.facebook.com/groups/1193347154024728/ chimes in on advice for integrating your family into your triathlon life.  Randy transfers out of IMAN Texas to Louisville and the boys discuss Dave jumping into the ketosis pool.  

Finally they move to the always entertaining topic of training distractions and how to climb out of the “burn out” doldrums.  Listen up because there are some solid nuggets to take away from this episode.  

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